Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Best Used Cars Are Easy To Find Online!

If you are intent on finding the best used cars dealers then you need to follow some basic advice. It is very easy to be seduced by slick salesmen, fancy advertising, and large lots of good looking used cars, but this doesn't mean that you are going to get a good deal.

Used cars dealers are governed by a standard which is set by the Federal Trade Commission. This applies through all states of the US except Maine and Wisconsin who have their own used cars laws. You are deemed a used cars dealer if you sell more than five vehicles over a 12 month period.

The used cars dealers have a responsibility to display a buyer's guide on all of their vehicles for sale. This has to be in a prominent position and ideally should be posted alongside the 'for sale' sign. This information is now required by law and offers information aimed at protecting the buying from unscrupulous dealers.

The guide serves another purpose and that is to provide the full details of the used cars dealer should they be required some time in the future. There is a section set aside in the back of the guide for this information. By filling this section in, the used cars dealer is showing that he is fully accountable, which builds great credibility and customer relations.

The buyer's guide is primarily to inform the buyer of a number of very important issues related to the purchase. This follows the guidelines of the National Automobile Dealers Association. Some of the points covered are: Whether the vehicle comes with a warranty or not; What other services the car dealer can offer; Any promises which must be put into writing; What type of mechanical and electrical system the car has; A request that the buyer has an independent mechanic inspect the car before purchase.

A used car by definition is one that has been previously titled before. This covers all vehicles whether commercial or for private use, and also includes dealer's demonstrator cars and program cars. The information about the car must be displayed on the vehicle before it is advertised for sale.

Finding the best used cars online may be a little easier. Quite often the dealers organize themselves as one group where a potential buyer could actually go online thru the group's website. This is one way of easily finding the best used car dealers and the best used cars for sale that the buyer wants.

By providing the specifications of the desired car such as the model, color and price, the desired car specifications are immediately forwarded to the different members of the used car dealer networks. Those dealers that can possibly provide the requirement are contacted and linked to the buyer. This makes communication and negotiation between the buyers and used car dealers easy and efficient.

One advantage of dealing with a network of dealers is the assurance that member dealers are legitimate and do have a used cars dealers license. They are obliged to come up with the necessary documentation, paperwork, manufacture warranty, and other licenses. Finding the best used cars dealers may allow you the benefit of haggling for a lower and better price.

After doing some searching, the buyer can visit the dealer and haggle with the price quote initially shown on the website or in the shop itself. Though it may be shown for the public, the buyer can still negotiate for a lower price. The dealer is also expected to provide the buyer with a copy of the warranty.